Frigid Weather Poses Risks For Tulsa Firefighters

Tuesday, January 6th 2015, 6:13 pm
By: News On 6

As the temperatures dip down, the chance of house fires goes up. That's means the next couple days could be busy and very dangerous for firefighters.

Firefighters at Station 18 prepare for the frigid night ahead just like anyone else would , they layer up with with jackets and coats. The biggest concern is when they are called to a big fire where they could potentially spend hours out in the cold weather.

The conditions are some of the hardest for firefighters - when temperatures start to hit the single digits. Even though their bunker gear can keep them warm, there's a number of issues they deal with from ice on the ground to the water inside their hoses freezing.

Not to mention all the water on the ground will eventually freeze and become dangerous for firefighters walking to and from a building or house.

Also, firefighters' gear can freeze, hindering them and putting them at high risk of injury.

Tulsa Fire Department Spokesperson Captain Stan May says the fire department will pull in extra resources and more man power if necessary.

"We don't need hypothermia, to set in so we will bring a bus out on an extended operation, give them a place to take their gear off and get warmed up before they go back in," he said.

TFD wants to remind people to be careful with space heaters, and make sure your fireplace is clean if you plan to use it.