Bartlesville Citizens Concerned Snowy Streets Will Become Icy Streets

Tuesday, February 4th 2014, 10:28 pm
By: News On 6

After the snow stopped in Tulsa, it kept falling near Bartlesville.

Street crews had no problem plowing the major city streets during today's foggy wet weather. But it wasn't quite so easy for homeowners in steep, hilly neighborhoods.

Snow plows hit the streets again after snow blanketed parts of Northern Oklahoma. Tuesday's snow storm made driving difficult on Bartlesville streets.

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One of those challenging drives is to the top of Circle Mountain, where Linda dean lives.

"We always usually get home in the 20 years I lived here," Dean said.

She said the enjoyable view is one of the reasons she loves living there. Dean is certain street crews will eventually clear her neighborhood.

"Usually the whole town is in the same mess, it's taken care of," said Dean.

In Downtown Bartlesville, people shoveling the sidewalks didn't have a hard time clearing the snow.

Nathan Stearman, a resident of Bartlesville said that on a scale to ten, the difficulty was a three or four.

The biggest concern now, in Washington County, is the wet roads freezing over after they get cleared by plows.