Tulsa's 'Operation Slick Streets' Means Do-It-Yourself Wreck Reports

Monday, February 3rd 2014, 6:35 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa has around 1,500 car wrecks every year and a lot of those happen when there's snow and ice on the streets. Tulsa police say there's simply no way they could work all the fender benders that occur during bad weather and still answer all the burglary, robbery and other high priority calls.

Most citizens understand that.

"That way it leaves people to respond to emergencies, true emergencies," said Mal Coury, Farmers Insurance.

If the city is on Operation Slick Streets and you have a car crash where nobody is hurt, here's what you should do.

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"First thing, take pictures, that's number one," Coury said. "Take different angles so they know where you were in relation to each other, that way they can determine fault." 

Take pictures of the damage quickly, then state law requires you to move the vehicles off the road into the nearest parking lot so traffic keeps moving and more wrecks don't happen. In addition to the damage, take pictures of the person's license plate, their insurance verification card and even their driver's license.

Once you have all the information, go to a QuikTrip and get a collision report. Fill it out and drop it by any police station - or mail it in.

Or you can go to TulsaPolice.org and fill it all out online.

People don't like doing their own report, because they want an officer there to determine who's at fault. Police, however, say they don't write tickets to determine fault. They write them for criminal violations.

Officers say if the other person is refusing to exchange information or giving you trouble, you can request an officer and they'll come, as time allows, but, make sure you've moved the vehicles off the street.