Two Approached By Cherokee County State Trooper Imposter

Wednesday, January 15th 2014, 8:20 pm
By: Craig Day

A teenager in Cherokee County could be in a lot of hot water for impersonating a state trooper.

Investigators say he pulled up behind two women in a car near Welling, which is near Lake Tenkiller, but the women were suspicious from the start.

Investigators said two women were sitting in a parked car on a driveway at a home in a rural area near Lake Tenkiller when a guy in a pickup and a cell phone app flashing blue and red lights pulled up behind them.

Jason Chennault, a Cherokee County Undersheriff, said, "Where this happened is very rural, aren't very many people around, aren't very many houses around, these girls were scared."

Chennault said the teenaged driver was wearing this hoodie with state trooper on it. The teen asked one of the women for her driver's license, told them he was investigating a noise complaint, and even asked if they were willing to take a Breathalyzer test.

They were suspicious when they repeatedly asked to see a badge and he didn't show one.

"The passenger female, she got scared and ran to the house that was with the driveway where her brother lived, told her brother what was going on, and when they got back outside, the man had left," said Chennault.

Investigators learned the identity of the impersonator and call him a law enforcement wannabe.

The case has been sent to the District Attorney's office for consideration.

Since he didn't actually pull over the women he wasn't arrested and would likely face a misdemeanor if he's charged.

Chennault said, "His intentions, the best we can tell, weren't to hurt anybody, he just wanted to feel what it felt like to make a traffic stop."

He said it's frustrating that it happened and is equally as frustrating that clothing like the hoodie and apps like the police lights and sirens are so easy to get.

"It's aggravating that just anyone can go in and order this stuff off the Internet," said Chennault.

The Undersheriff says the women did the right thing in asking to see a badge. He also says if there's ever any question about the legitimacy of an officer, to call 911 to check and it's good to pull over in a well-lit or very public area.