Rare Quadruplet Sheep Born At Lenapah Farm

Monday, February 18th 2013, 6:35 pm
By: News On 6

A very special delivery happened on a Green Country farm. A family in Nowata County is celebrating the birth of quadruplet sheep.

The rare event took place in Lenapah, in a farm handed down through the Straw family for years. In all that time, they've never seen something like this.

Meet Snickers. She used to be a show lamb, and less than a week ago she gave birth to four little guys.

"Very unprepared, but it is what it is," said Christy Straw.

"And Snickers are packed with peanuts so we named them after Peanut characters," Christy said.

"So we have Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy and Woodstock," said R.J. Straw, Christy's son.

R.J. is very active in 4-H, has his own website where he sells the wool they get from the sheep and is responsible for just about every animal on the farm.

"We knew she'd probably have two because she was so big," R.J. Straw said.

"They are prone to throw twins, everybody knows that. Triplets, well, you just think I'm really blessed," said Christy Straw.

Christy says last week after Snickers had given birth to the first set of twins, they moved her inside out of the cold, but -

"We turn around and there is more coming," she said.

After they saw the third set of hooves coming, R.J. got on the phone with their veterinarian.

"He said some farmers have gone 40 years and never had quadruplets," Christy said.

At night they break the quadruplets into two sets - "A gray team and a pink team," R.J. said.

"We break them up so they can nurse as if they were a set of twins," said his mom.

The Sraws know they have something special in these four peanuts.

"Very unexpected we didn't plan for this lamb to breed at all," said Christy Straw.

And they even got a new excuse to get out of work.

"You know you live on a farm when you have to call into work and say, 'I can't make it in, my ewe is having quadruplets today,'" Christy said.

Christy Straw says one of their concerns was that the mother would reject the second set of twins, but she says they are all doing well.

Learn More About the Straw Farm at R.J.'s web site: Barn On The Web.