Nowata Eagle Scout Has Earned Every Merit Badge Possible

Wednesday, August 24th 2011, 11:02 pm
By: News On 6

Rick Wells, News On 6

NOWATA, Oklahoma -- The percentage of Boy Scouts who persevere and earn Eagle Scout is very small. The number of those scouts who have earned every award possible is much smaller.

A Nowata 15-year-old is not only an Eagle Scout, but has earned every merit badge possible, one of them twice.

Meet the Boyleses:  JoAnn, Brian, and 15-year-old Preston. This isn't an episode of Family Feud, it's a story of boy scout perseverance.

"There's eagle scout, lifetime membership in the eagle scout association, and eagle project of the year," Preston Boyles said, listing off some of his achievements.

He's just getting started, there's a note signed by President and Mrs. Obama, and not sure it's related, but he's even an honorary Kentucky colonel. His uniform's full of pins and patches.

"This is my eagle medal.  This one a couple of year's back I saved a kid from drowning," he said, pointing out his awards that take up a whole corner of the house.

But all these merit badges -- Boy Scouts offer 130 merit badges that can be earned -- he's earned 131.

"Instead of just getting it, I figured retake it, that way I know I earned it again," Preston said of the auto mechanics badge.

Only a small percentage of Boy Scouts earn Eagle Scout.  Earning every award that's offered is very rare.

"I was in scouts my whole life, I've never seen it done," said Wes Hurd.

Wes Hurd is the District Scout Executive.  He says only 21 badges are required to earn Eagle Scout, earning them all is really exceptional.

Is there a Super Eagle Scout?