Record Setting Start So Far This Summer!

Sunday, July 24th 2011, 9:36 pm
By: News On 6

I mentioned in the morning blog that our day got off to a record setting start. Fortunately, we stayed below record levels this afternoon as some isolated storms managed to put a lid on the heating. Unfortunately, those storms were just that, isolated and most of us are still looking for a good rain. Notice for example, the rainfall map on the right courtesy of the Ok Mesonet. This has certainly not been a drought buster and if you happened to be lucky enough to catch one of those showers, count your blessings.

Speaking of records, from June 1st through this Sunday is the hottest we have ever been for those dates. We are even ahead of the pace set in that brutal summer of 1980 which so far stands as the hottest on record for Tulsa. Not only that, but we have now had 11 consecutive days with triple digit heat and the all-time record for consecutive triple digit days is 22. The way the forecast is shaping up, we may well approach that record.

The only possible way we will not be at or above 100 for the coming week will be if the clouds and showers/storms form up earlier in the day and are more widespread than occurred today. That does not appear at all likely, with the possible exception of Monday. Monday will be somewhat like today in that we expect partly cloudy skies and about a 20% chance of showers or storms. Also, our surface winds should be from a more E to NE direction for much of the day and this combination should at least keep us in the lower 100s if not below 100 for some lucky folks.

Other than that, it looks like triple digit heat each day through the coming weekend and perhaps beyond. There are some hints in the longer range guidance that the pattern may change during the following week, but we have been teased by those prospects before and it has not happened yet. So, I am not going to get too excited about any prospects for a break in the heat and drought till I see further confirmation over the coming week or so.

In the meantime, stay tuned, stay cool, and check back for updates.

Dick Faurot