Binge-Drinking Student Meets Paramedics Who Saved Him

Wednesday, March 16th 2011, 9:12 pm
By: News On 6

Carrie Netherton, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- The NCAA tournament, St. Patty's Day and the end of spring break have many people partying.

But a 20-year-old college student learned the hard way that partying too much can possibly kill you.

The student survived alcohol poisoning after binge-drinking at a party. The survivor then wanted to meet the men that saved him.

Dispatcher:  "Is he awake?"
Steve Greer: "No."
Dispatcher:  "Is he breathing?"
Steve Greer: "Yes."

There were some scary moments for Steve Greer as he waited for paramedics to arrive to save his son, Andrew.

"I was just thinking God, save him please," Steve Greer said.

Andrew was passed out on the floor at a party after he and another girl got into a "shot contest."

"We were drinking Bacardi 151 and I guess we took too many shots," said Andrew Greer.

"It was more than 10, I know that."

"I always heard about don't drink and drive, I never thought about blood alcohol poisoning," the college student said.

One lesson the Greers hope people learn from this is if you do go partying - surround yourself with people who are responsible and care about you. Andrew's friend picked up the phone and called his parents when he passed out.

"They said Andrew is here, and we can't arouse him, and I didn't even want to ask 'is he dead,'" said Marcia Greer, Andrew's mother.

The Greers' think his friend call them because Andrew's dad is a doctor and thought they could help.

Paramedics P.J. Timmons, Anthony Burton and Ron Causby are credited with saving Andrew's life.

"If somebody is in trouble, go ahead and call the ambulance, don't take a chance," said P.J. Timmons, one of the paramedics who saved Andrew.


"He was in rough shape. You don't usually see people that drunk."


"I looked at the kid, and this kid is my age, he could be one of my friends," said Paramedic Anthony Burton who also came to Andrew's aid. "He has family - his mom and dad were right there; we've gotta help that kid."

They did -- and Andrew is lucky to be alive today. That's why he wanted to meet the three men who saved him.

"He said I don't know if there is anything that I could give them that is as precious as what they've given me," said Andrew's mother, Marcia Greer.

"It's very humbling to meet the family and know that we made an impact on somebody's life," said Paramedic Ron Causby.

A life that Andrew will never take for granted.

"I'm so grateful to be alive; it's so incredible," Andrew said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, binge drinking causes more than 79,000 deaths in the U.S. each year and is a leading preventable cause of death. Signs of alcohol poisoning include mental confusion, vomiting, seizures, and slow and irregular breathing.