New 3D Technology Benefiting Patients At Muskogee Community Hospital

Tuesday, January 25th 2011, 5:03 pm
By: News On 6

Craig Day, News On 6

MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma -- A hospital in Green Country is now using a high tech piece of equipment that gives surgeons 3D images to guide them during surgery.

The Stryker 3D Computer Assisted Navigation System is expected to speed up time on the operating table and is so precise, it reduces the risks too.

"It allows the surgeon to know with precision exactly where he's operating," said Dr. Edgar Boyd, with Muskogee Community Hospital.

Muskogee Community Hospital surgeons like Edgar Boyd will use the navigation system for ENT, spine and brain surgeries.

Basically, it's a computerized, battery powered instrument that uses LED's to help tell surgeons where they're working in the body and it is incredibly precise.

"The accuracy we had on this patient today was within point-six millimeters, which is pretty small," Dr. Boyd said.

It will benefit Oklahoma patients because the improved accuracy means smaller incisions, which can improve recovery time, limit blood loss, and reduce the chance of infection.

"Less harm to the patient, hopefully no harm, and at the same time increase the speed and accuracy of the surgery," Dr. Boyd said.

Doctors and the manufacturer say the 3D navigation system made a big difference for this patient, and will do it for a full slate of patients already scheduled to benefit from the device. It also will improve overall health care in the region, thanks to technology.

"There are a couple of other navigation systems out there that I've used before, but in my opinion the Stryker system is much more user-friendly," Dr. Boyd said.

Stryker selected Muskogee Community Hospital to be their training and demonstration facility in Oklahoma.