Lacrosse A Hit For Local High Schoolers

Saturday, April 4th 2009, 2:01 pm
By: News On 6

By Kyle Dierking,

TULSA, OK -- Here they come. Going after the ball and bowling over each other while body armor.

"Lacrosse is a very physical sport," said Travis Lewis.

"You will get hit a lot," said Danny Price.

"You can still knock other people over and hit them with your stick," said Kevin King. "It's not too rough."

There they stand - stick in hand - with pad and parts that look like leftovers from other sports.

"The shoulder pads aren't like football pads at all, they're a lot thinner and lighter so you can move a little bit bitter," Price said. "Then you have gloves that are just like hockey gloves and then elbow pads for when defenders are hitting you and a helmet to protect your head and face."

Lacrosse has made its way to Green Country. Tulsa has one of only four club high school teams in the state. The players say it's similar to some sports you're already familiar with.

"It has some of the same offense as basketball and some of the same defense as hockey," Lewis said. "It's a good all around sport."

The Bulldogs lacrosse team is composed of high school players from around northeast Oklahoma and they travel across the region to play. One team member makes the trek from Muskogee for practices at Memorial High School.

"It's a really good thing the sport is starting to grow and come this way," Price said. "It's really awesome we've got one in Tulsa now."

"If this was a high school team we'd already know everybody. Now I've made 38 other new friends."

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