Web Users Warned Of Security Threat

Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 9:55 pm
By: News On 6

By Ashli Sims, The News On 6

TULSA, OK - There's a warning for web surfers, especially if you use Internet Explorer.  Hackers have found a new hole in the web browser's security that could put your private information at their fingertips.  The threat's even got Microsoft taking action.

Your user names, your passwords, your banking information could all snatched by a hacker and you wouldn't have done anything but view a website.

While you're making your e-shopping list and checking it twice, there's a cyber Grinch out there hoping to steal your Christmas.

"In this particular case, it's a piece of software hole that's what we call a zero day exploit. It means it's out there in the wild right now. It's ugly. It's bad," said Geek Rescue's Damon DoRemus.

The ugly green monster is hiding in the innocent blue letter sitting on your desktop:  Internet Explorer.       

Damon DoRemus with Geek Rescue says basically there's a hole in the web browser's security that can allow hackers to creep into your computer.  He says these security breaches actually happen pretty often.  But, this one is especially bad because you don't have to do anything to get infected.

"You didn't have to click on anything for this to break your computer. You could've just gone to a website. And it wouldn't have to be to a really bad website. It could be to somewhere like myspace.com," said Geek Rescue's Damon DoRemus.

DoRemus says just by opening a webpage you could be opening the door to your personal information.

"They can install software onto your computer without you even knowing it. And, that software can monitor everything that you do," said Geek Rescue's Damon DoRemus.

But, to keep this cyber Grinch from destroying your holiday, security is just a click away.

"Users should click tools and then windows update. That's the only way they should do it," said Geek Rescue's Damon DoRemus.

Otherwise you might end up falling for another hacker trick.

"Go to windows update. Update your system. Do it right now. You'll be protected from this one," said Geek Rescue's Damon DoRemus.

Damon DoRemus says Internet Explorer is the most popular browser, so it's often the target of hackers.  He actually recommends his clients use another web browser like Mozilla's Firefox.