Five Hunting Dogs Killed

Monday, May 5th 2008, 8:02 am
By: News On 6

Two Logan County men want animal cruelty charges filed against the man who shot their five hunting dogs.

Rodney Luckenbill said he shot the dogs because they were attacking his cattle, but the two men who raised and trained the hounds say they don't believe him.

"Hounds don't chase cattle," said Rodney Anderson, the dogs' owner. "These dogs have been around hundred of cows and haven't touched a cow in their life."

Anderson and his partner, Kevin Bowan, said they often bring their horses and hounds to Liberty Lake for exercise. They said they don't use a leash because it's never been a problem.
Luckenbill lives near the public property. He said two of the dogs attacked his cattle on private property.

He then chased the dogs off the property and fired his gun after they tried to attack him, he said.

Cynthia Armstrong, with Oklahoma's Humane Society, said her office receives several calls about dog shootings around the state.

While a leash could have prevented this tragedy, Armstrong said she thinks the gunman had no right to shoot.

"Even though we do have a statute that permits the shooting of dogs that are found chasing livestock, that statute doesn't contemplate pursing dogs to public land and conducting whole sale slaughter of those dogs," Armstrong said.

She said the Humane Society would like to see felony animal cruelty charges filed against Luckenbill.

The Guthrie Police Department said it's still investigating this case.

Luckenbill said he was considering his own legal actions for the injuries and damage done to his cattle by the dogs.