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Sunday, April 20th 2008, 5:49 pm

By: News On 6

Hole #1 520 Yard Par 5
A birdie opportunity right out of the gate, the first will tempt long hitters to go for the green in two shots. But, those who try will be tempting fate. Typically, the line is slightly downhill, and with the prevailing wind blowing toward the right, a poorly struck shot could end up in a lake. Bunkers guard the left front and back of the green.

Hole #2 180 Yard Par 3
This stern par 3 requires a solidly struck mid to long-iron. No matter the club, anything hit poorly will likely end up in a creek, which borders the front of the green. Accuracy is important too, as two bunkers guard the right side of the green and another runs the length of the left side. And, getting a shot to stay on the green is only the beginning. Putting on a tricky green comes next.

Hole #3 343 Yard Par 4
Cedar Ridge's signature hole proves length is not necessary to be demanding. Fairway bunkers guard the far side of a dogleg, with trees guarding the corner; and that's just the tee shot. Trees come into play on your second shot towards a well-guarded, two-tiered green. Sloping severely from back to front toward the water, it is surrounded by a creek and stonewall.

Hole #4 401 Yard Par 4
An uphill fairway can leave a long approach shot to the green. Bunkers frame the fairway, requiring an accurate drive. A large, undulating green is guarded by clover-shaped traps in the front left and right.

Hole #5 529 Yard Par 5
The double dog-leg makes you work for a birdie. It starts left, then turns right, requiring three well-placed shots to the green. Going for it in two is nearly impossible. There is water on the left and out of bounds on the right, which makes you think on your tee shot. And the hole typically plays into the wind.

Hole #6 158 Yard Par 3
With water cutting in front of the left side of the green, this is not an easy tee shot. Although it does offer a fairly large green at which to aim, the lower pin position can be treacherous with the water coming into play if the ball comes up short.

Hole # 7 399 Yard Par 4
With a fairway that slopes from right to left toward water, a ball that favors the right side is desirable. Balls can hit the fairway and kick left toward the hazard, and tee shots hooking to the left are in trouble. Fairway bunkers guard the corner and the left side of a tricky green.

Hole # 8 405 Yard Par 4
A narrow landing area for the tee shots make players take their chances hitting a driver off of the tee, although that seems to be necessary given the hole's length. A deep green of some 40 yards makes the approach another challenge, with widely varying clubs necessary to find the proper distance to the pin. If that's not enough, a deep creek channel runs along the left and back sides of the green.

Hole # 9 395 Yard Par 4
The last hole of the front nine offers a bit of respite, at least in terms of the tee shot. A wide landing area is offered for the tee shot, but the green is divided by a slight ridge that runs from the left side and can make placement of the second shot important. The green is also guarded by bunkers in the front left and back right.

Out - Par 36 3,330 Yards

Hole#10 404 Yard Par 4
A slight dogleg left, this is a sterner test than anticipated for the start of the back nine. The second shot is slightly downhill to a large green guarded by a pot bunker on the front left and a clover-shaped trap on the right. The green also has a slight ridge running diagonally across, making placement of the second shot important.

Hole #11 375 Yard Par 4
A relatively short hole, it requires a drive placed down the left side. The second shot is to a green with a small finger bunker on the front left and regular traps on the front right and back left. A creek runs along the right side and wraps behind the green.

Hole #12 386 Yard Par 4
The uphill fairway makes the hole play longer than the yardage. The second shot is to a large green that is well-bunkered with one sand trap in the front and three more surrounding the putting surface.

Hole #13 204 Yard Par 3
The longest par 3 on the course requires plenty of moxie. With bunkers on the right and a steep embankment on the left, there is virtually no place to miss.

Hole #14 510 Yard Par 5
The only par 5 on the back nine is a good birdie opportunity, although getting home in two can be a problem. A large fairway bunker guards the left side of the landing area off the tee, and the green is surrounded by bunkers. A difficult back-right pin placement is best approached with a short iron.

Hole #15 185 Yard Par 3
This hole can play longer depending on various tee placements, but it typically plays long enough into a prevailing wind. The two-tiered green is 45 yards deep with bunkers on the back right and left for shots that go long.

Hole #16 380 Yard Par 4
The first of three tough finishing par 4's, the 16th offers a narrow landing area for the tee shot. From there, the second shot must be hit to the most severely sloped green on the course.

Hole #17 422 Yard Par 4
A dogleg right, this hole also has out of bounds, bunkers, trees, and water, meaning the tournament could well be decided here. The green is guarded by a finger trap to the right and is also protected by a slight ridge which extends from the bunker off the left side.

Hole #18 406 Yard Par 4
The finishing hole requires a tee shot to a landing area on a plateau guarded by bunkers. The second shot is slightly uphill with a huge trap guarding the front right of the green and other smaller bunkers to the back right and front left. An undulating green can make for some tricky putting to end the tournament.

In - Par 35 3,272 Yards

Total - Par 71 6,602 Yards


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