Lake Hudson Residents Tired Of Flood Waters

Wednesday, April 16th 2008, 5:32 pm
By: News On 6

Lake levels across the region are much above normal after last week's heavy rain.  Between flooding and ice storms, it's been a rough year for some people living along Lake Hudson.  News On 6 anchor Craig Day reports the water on Lake Hudson has gone down, but it is still eleven feet above normal and that's enough to cause a flood of worries for people living near the water.

"All that area, clear beyond the tree lines is just land.  It's not lake.  It's just land," said Connie Cason, who lives at Lake Hudson.

But, that land is now covered with water, and Connie Cason says so was part of the trailer park where she lives.

"The house behind us was all the way up to the second level of the balcony," said Connie Cason.

Cason says the past year has been terrible for life at the lake.  There was damage from the December ice storm, and it has flooded three times.

"We just think that Hudson Lake has kind of been forgotten.  There are people down here, who live here all the time and this community has suffered," said Carole Delancy of Lake Hudson.

The flooding combined with ice storms left quite a mess behind.  Some roads, if they aren't close by water, are closed by all the debris left behind when the water receded.

Cason hopes the Army Corps of Engineers and GRDA will re-evaluate how much water they release from Grand Lake which is upstream.

"When Grand is dumping 11 gates full generation on top of us and we're only running three gates, there's nowhere for the water to go but into the community," said Connie Cason.

While the water is receding, there are still worries about what will happen if more rain comes.

"Every time they say rain, I hope and pray it doesn't get this high again," said Carole Delancy.

One resident says the GRDA and Corps of Engineers are doing a good job of managing the water flow.  It's just that there was so much rainfall in such a short amount of time, there's only so much they can do.