Banana & Orange Foster Served Over Vanilla Ice Cream & Pound Cake

Wednesday, April 16th 2008, 2:38 pm
By: News On 6


3-4 Fresh Bananas-sliced

One large Navel Orange-Juiced & Zested

Two ounces of unsalted butter

Two cups of brown sugar

One tablespoon of granulated white sugar

½ teaspoon of ground nutmeg

½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon

One tablespoon of vanilla extract

¼ cup of non-alcohol triple sec

One frozen pound cake

Vanilla Ice Cream


Candied Orange Zest-Using a zesting tool or a sharp knife, remove the outer layer of orange
peel in long strands, avoiding the bitter white pith underneath.

Place the orange peel strings in a microwave safe bowl & heat on high for 5 seconds to soften & release the oil. Dredge the zest in the white sugar and set aside.

The longer the zest rested in the sugar, the sweeter the candied zest will become. 

Prep the Pound Cake-Remove the frozen pound cake from the packaging and use a sharp
long knife to cut away the outer crust. Slice the pound cake length-wise into ½ thick slices.

Split each long slice in half-yielding 4 pieces.

Set aside. 

Orange Caramel sauce-Melt the two ounces of unsalted butter in a sauté pan over medium
heat and add the brown sugar when the butter is liquid.

Using a fork, fold and work the sugar & butter together until the caramel base is formed and the sugar begins to dissolve.

Add the Triple Sec, vanilla extract, juice from the navel orange and the spices to the caramel base.

Keep working the mixture with the fork, reducing the heat as needed when the mixture begins to bubble up. 

Continue to work the sauce as it bubbles slightly until the ingredients are incorporated and the sugar has completely dissolved.

Turn off the heat and keep stirring the caramel as it cools until it has a consistency just thicker than syrup and a glossy appearance.

Slice the banana and add directly into the hot caramel.

Fold the caramel over the bananas until the slices are coated & warm. 

Assembling the Dessert-Place scoops of vanilla ice cream over the plated pound cake.

Spoon the warm orange caramel sauce over the dessert and around the pound cake base.

Garnish with the candied orange zest.

Serve immediately. 

If you prefer a traditional Bananas Foster sauce with alcohol simply add your favorite orange
liquor & vanilla liquor ( like Tuaca) instead of the triple sec & vanilla extract.

Be careful as alcohol is flammable and may ignite when added to a hot pan over an open flame.

Serves Four