Mother Of Drowned Toddler Shares Her Story

Sunday, October 14th 2007, 8:28 pm
By: News On 6

A grief-stricken family offers a reminder for all of us following the death of their toddler. A funeral is planned in Owasso for a 21-month-old boy who drowned on Friday. His body was found a few doors down from his home in a small landscape pond. News On 6 anchor Craig Day reports the family wants to share their story.

They say every moment with a child is precious.

Landon Fisher was a beautiful, sweet, energetic, and curious little boy. At 21-months-old, he was just beginning to talk. His family is devastated that his young life was cut tragically short.

"It's killing me. Because he had the most beautiful smile. He had the most beautiful blue eyes. He had the biggest blue eyes,” said his mother Nicole Fisher.

"You just pray and you believe, and you have faith and you know that God just needed that angel. God needed him,” added Landon’s aunt, Danielle Fisher.

Landon was playing in his yard while being watched by family members. They say he walked around his house, but didn't come back right away. In a span of a few minutes, Landon made his way through his small backyard, and since there aren't fences, all the way through two more backyards.

"They can get away from you in a split second. It's happened to everyone,” said neighbor Cass Filhiol.

Cass is among the neighbors who helped in the search for the toddler, who was found, drowned, in an ornamental pond a few houses away.

Landon's family is heart broken.

"You know, what do I do? I don't know what to do. I don't know what I'm going to do," said Landon’s mom, Nicole Fisher.

She wants people to know her son was well supervised and that what happened was just a terrible accident.

"They just need support. They really do. They need support. They don't need criticism. They just need everyone to be there for them,” said neighbor Cass Filhiol.

Right now, Landon's mother is leaning on family and friends and reminds parents of how suddenly tragedy can strike.

"Love them more. Hug them more. Everyday. Kiss them, you know as much as they can stand it, because you never know what is going to happen. You never know when they'll be taken, and I'll never be able to hold him again,” said Landon’s mother, Nicole Fisher.

Funeral services for Landon are set for Tuesday at 10 am at Floral Haven in Broken Arrow.

Donations can be made at all area Arvest locations to help pay for the unexpected funeral expenses. It's called the Owasso Angel Fund.

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