Inexpensive tickets for this weekend's OU-Texas game are hard to find

Wednesday, October 8th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

This weekend, it's the annual Red River shootout between OU and Texas. As if you didn't know. But some people really don't know if or how they're going to get tickets.

It can be done, but as News on 6 reporter Steve Berg tells us, it'll cost you a pretty penny.

Oh, what some people would give to have a seat in the Cotton Bowl this weekend. In the newspaper are words like ‘Please’ and ‘Need’ and ‘Desperately Need.’ “That game, there's nothing in the world like it." We caught up with Brian Mathias as he was leaving work in his Sooner red pickup. He's been looking for tickets for a family of four, that won't cost him his first-born. "Everybody's wanting $300 apiece and I can't afford that."

On E-Bay, there are hundreds of tickets to the game and the most expensive set of four at last check, 2,000 smackers. The only other option, watch it on the tube. Or maybe, the plasma. We asked Ultimate Electronics Joe Chronister what kind of TV we could get for $2,000. "Here's a great example, a 56-inch TV right at $2,000 and for the average room, 12-14 foot back from it, this is going to be a great picture."

Of course that doesn't include sales tax, it's going up a penny y'know. Here's a nice one for $1,500. Berg: "And this will still work after the OU/Texas game is over?" Joe Chronister, Ultimate Electronics: "Aaaaab-solutely." Plus if you went with the $1,500 TV you'd still have enough money for about 100 bags of chips and about 300 cans of beer.

Brian prefers barbecued ribs and says he may have to live with TV. "If it comes down to it, yeah, at least I'd get to see the game."