Supreme Court's 'affirmative action' decision and its impact at TU and ORU

Monday, June 23rd 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The US Supreme Court handed down a mixed review of affirmative action Monday. The high court says race can play a role in college admissions, but not a big one.

Officials at the University of Tulsa’s Law School say that's good news for their program. About a fifth of TU's law students are minorities. Admissions officials say in addition to academics, race is a factor in admissions.

But so are age, undergraduate major, and where an applicant comes from. George Justice, TU Law Assistant Dean of Admissions, "we don’t just look at one factor, which is what that argument represents. We're trying to put together the many strengths a candidate may bring and we believe one of those strengths cab be their racial background and their ethnic background."

Oral Roberts University officials say race is not a factor when evaluating applicants. ORU's minority enrollment is still comparable to or above, other universities, at about a fourth of the student body.