New Albertsons set to open in north Tulsa

Monday, April 14th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

There's something new and exciting coming to north Tulsa, a new place to shop. News on 6 consumer reporter Rick Wells got a preview on Monday.

The new Albertson's is ready to open. There’s a big grand opening celebration on tap for Tuesday afternoon. The neighbors are ready. So ready in fact the store manager says people have been trying to get in to shop since last week. Roshanda Taylor: "I'm ecstatic about it. We haven't had a grocery store in this area in every bit of 2 or 3 years." That's all gonna change when the new Albertson's opens. This new grocery store is not the only change for this part of town either. There are lots of new houses being built, big ones, like one built next to fifty-year-old much smaller houses 'cause people like the neighborhood and what's happening here.

Popeye’s moved in and are doing well so is a Conoco service station. "We needed more businesses over here." Roshanda Taylor owns her own north side business and lives in the neighborhood she's very excited about this new store. "Not only the convenience of a new grocery store. I bank there, so many different things you can do in this area that you don't have to go so far to do, you know."

City planners are hoping this is only the beginning of more growth in this area, and there is plenty of room for more, right next door. Inside, workers were putting the finishing touches on merchandise, much of it the result of extensive market research. Rick O'Brien, Albertson's District Manager, "Been a lot of planning going into this store, over a year." Store Director Reggie Hardy said they tripled the amount of ethnic hair and beauty products cause that what folks say they wanted. "We do everything we can to please that customer.”

Roshanda Taylor is ready now for a north side Super Wal-Mart, and maybe a sit-down family restaurant. Oh, and some after school jobs for her three boys. “One is beggin' now and I'm ready, OK." This store will feature a drive thru pharmacy, a combo gas station, and car wash convenience store.

And that expansion we talked about includes a fast food restaurant right next door, and new center just north of here with that sit down family restaurant. The grand opening is all set for Tuesday afternoon at 3:15.