West Tulsa suspicious house fire under investigation

Wednesday, December 19th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Still no word on why a singlewide trailer went up in flames in southwest Tulsa. The fire started just before 8:30 AM in Oakhurst, near the 5900 block of south 67th West Avenue.

News on Six reporter Kia Malone says a heap of charred hot metal and debris is all that's left of this singlewide mobile home. Now the mystery remains of exactly how this fire started and why the homeowners left. Fire crews faced gray billowing smoke when they arrived at the scene. Ruby King, "It just burnt, it didn't take it long to go. It was a real hot fire and a fast burning fire."

And at that point, firefighters went on damage control trying to keep the flames from spreading throughout the neighborhood. But the wind worked against them. The embers quickly spread to a home next door. Assistant fire chief Jeff Cowles, "that house up there sustained a little heat damage. It got the roof on fire a little bit. Burnt some of the shingles and knocked the windows out back of the house from the hat.

Next door neighbor, Gary Collins, "I live across the street, and uh, I just saw a little smoke come up." Collins was on his way to work when he saw smoke and heard popping noises. "I thought it was fireworks. One of the firemen said it was ammunition. One of the neighbors had some land on their house." But Gary wasn't worried about what was inside the home. He helped the people out. Jeff Cowles, "they had a little bit of smoke on them. But they all did leave the house just fine." Now, fire crews wonder why they left. They do have a theory. "The neighbors are saying it's a possible meth lab. That's really the only reason why were thinking that right now." All that's left are two dogs. And a mound of rubble covering a mystery.

Malone, " Why do you think they left the house so suddenly?" Collins, "I have no idea. They didn't say anything. I didn't know that they left until we just turn around, looked and they were gone.” The state Marshal's office and the Tulsa County Sheriff's office are now working the case.