Former friend of Wayne Garrison testifies in Garrison's murder trial

Friday, November 16th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Murder suspect Wayne Henry Garrison watched as one of his former friends took the stand Friday. And it's testimony that could prove to be damaging.

Garrison is on trial for the killing of 13 year old Justin Wiles. The boy's dismembered body was found in Lake Bixhoma back in 1989.

The jury heard Friday from a man named Rick Collins. Collins was one of Garrison's closest friends at the time of Justin's murder.

He testified that during the week that Justin was killed, Garrison came to his house.

The Prosecutor asked Collins: "How did he look to you.?"

Collins replied, quote, "He had a lot of dirt all over him, looked like he had been wrestling in dirt."

Then the Prosecutor asked Collins: "Describe the smell that you associated with Mr. Garrison?"

Collins said, quote, "He smelled like he had gutted an animal, an extemely bad odor."

A couple of months after this encounter, Garrison allegedly moved to North Carolina.

Collins said he got a phone call from Garrison in which Garrison threatened him, saying quote "You better forget what you know, 'cause you've got a daughter."

Earlier, Collins actually testified that the odor was an "odor of death",
But the judge told the jury to "disregard" that after Garrison's defense attorney objected to that term.

Collins also testified that several times during that week Garrison acted "strange and nervous."

Testimony continues next week.