Mosquito spraying efforts increased

Thursday, July 18th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The Tulsa City-County Health Department has stepped up its mosquito prevention efforts. News on Six anchor Terry Hood explains how you can get your neighborhood de-bugged.

John Baker, Environmental Health Services Director: "We just purchased this past year in preparation for a major event an additional third fogging unit." Tulsa City County Health officials say they're ahead of the game. Not only do they claim 40 years of experience but also the most comprehensive program in the state.

That's why they've got a new truck on the road trying to keep mosquitoes from bugging you. "The system is up and running and we will currently be using three trucks spraying nightly based on the number of complaints called in."

Mosquitoes swarm at dusk and that's when these trucks head out. They're armed with a fogger that sprays a mild pesticide. The mist is environmentally friendly but it has to land on the mosquito to kill it. And it only lasts for about an hour or two in the air. The more your neighborhood complains the better chance you have for relief. "We'll take the highest number of complaints in any given square mile we'll prioritize those and then spraying accordingly down that list."

If you're concerned about mosquitoes in your area. Call the mosquito hotline at 595-4219 to get your neighborhood sprayed.