Emergency Infant Services coming up short of funds

Thursday, June 20th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A shaky economy is taking its toll on area families. Many are living from paycheck to paycheck, some aren't even getting paychecks. An even bigger problem, the agencies that help struggling families are struggling as well.

News on Six reporter Tami Marler shows how you can help. “I needed to start somewhere so I saw the sign and here I am." Something told Jennifer Pinkstaff she needed to come to Emergency Infant Services Thursday, she's never done anything like this before. "I just want to donate a hundred dollars and buy as many car seats with that."

Pinkstaff is a mother, she wants other children to have car seats and she's willing to donate every month to make sure they get them. "Because there's children out there; there's families that can't afford a car seat, and there's children that aren't being buckled up and their safety is so important." Sometimes EIS just helps a family through a weekend, or an emergency, or an accident. And it can happen to just about anyone. "A house fire, a job layoff. You know, there are middle-income people that live paycheck to paycheck. And when they lose a paycheck and are looking for work, they just need a little boost to get by." Linda Fiddler says widespread layoffs have forced many new clients to come in for temporary help. All the essentials to take care of children 5 and under.

But the weak economy also means fewer donations, and less money for operating essentials like utilities and personnel. They needed to come up with $10,000 in ten days to make budget. "It is a tough time. It's a tough time for people trying to give and help and support, and it's a tough time for our clients." They help more than 7,000 area children a year through private citizens like Jennifer Pinkstaff. "I love children, so that's the only reason." For 25 years at Emergency Infant Services, that's been reason enough.

If you'd like to find out more about Emergency Infant Services, you can call them at 582-2469. They're in need of baby formula, diapers, volunteers, and especially cash donations.