Thousands of teens find jobs

Sunday, March 11th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A record number of Tulsa companies need workers this summer.

Some businesses are struggling to hire enough employees to keep up with their needs.

The Mayor's 13th annual Job Fair helped connect workplaces with a workforce Saturday.

With more than 12-hundred job seekers - many on their first hunt - the lines can get long.

Ryan Clements is in the middle looking for a job until he goes to college in the fall.

"I worked for a trash company last summer," says Clements. "Trash isn't really fun."

This 18-year-old says he wants to become an architect, but for now he'll settle for something that will help him meet his end goal... buying a car.

"Working at the mall looks like it would be fun or something," says Clements.

The mall isn't the only booth drawing a crowd at the Mayor's 13-th Annual Job fair.

Places such as the zoo sound pretty good, too.

"Kids want to work with the animals feed the tigers feed the elephants," says Karen Williamson, Tulsa Zoo.

But they'll have to start taking tickets and selling concessions.

Companies battling a low employment found what they were looking for today, a record 2,000 jobs were filled today at the mayor's job fair.

Celebration Station has come to depend on the fair for its seasonal employees.

"We're probably looking to hire 15-20 quite a few," says Mark Clark, Celebration Station.

Restaurants are also looking and some teens say that's right up their alley.

“I told him well I was like I need a job and he's like what would you like to go be a hostess, a server I was like I'd like to make pancakes," says Joshua Herbert, job seeker.

Ryan says he's excited about the possibilities out there, even if his parents did make him go.

“They're like get a job you've been at home for 2 weeks laugh," says Clements.

They ought to be happy to see him come home with so many opportunities in hand.

If you missed Saturday’s Job Fair you can still plug into the Mayor's Summer Job Program by calling 627-2700.

You must be between 16 and 21 years old.