The Buzz: Trying to figure out the playoff picture- Part II

Wednesday, October 18th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

By Sean Mossman

Here we go again.

After a long night of trying to get all of those playoff possibilities from the larger classes out of my head, I’m back at it.

This time I’m tackling the smaller classes. I thought they would be more difficult to figure out, but I was wrong. In fact, some of these districts are fairly sorted out already.

Grab a cup of coffee. Here we go with…

District 2A-5

Wellston and Kellyville are mathematically eliminated already with 0-4 records and sixty district points in the whole each. Mounds is not technically out yet, but they have a tough road ahead.

Perry-4-0- Remaining Schedule: at Pawnee, at Pawhuska and at Newkirk. Last week’s win over Perkins gave them a leg up, but they are still very much up in the air. They now play three straight road games against very good teams.

Pawhuska-3-1- Remaining Schedule: at Newkirk, Perry and Pawnee. Home games are at a premium down the stretch in this district.

Pawnee-3-1- Remaining Schedule: at Perry, Newkirk and at Pawnee. One of three teams that have piled up wins against the lower half of the district. Now they have to show their mettle.

Perkins-Tryon-3-1- Remaining Schedule: Mounds, at Wellston and Kellyville. Ran through the other four good teams in this district at 3-1. They’re in the best shape for a district title with the most favorable schedule.

Newkirk-3-1- Remaining Schedule: Pawhuska, at Pawnee and Perry. Once again, having two home games left is a big help.

What I think will happen

Things are pretty messy in this district right now, but Perkins seems to be in the best shape as anyone else. They have the three 0-4 teams remaining on their schedule and will be favored to finish 6-1. Perry’s 4-0 looks good right now, but they’re actually in the toughest position. They have three road games against three contenders.

Here’s my best guess. Perkins wins it with their strong showing early and easier opponents late. Pawhuska and Pawnee will finish in some combination of second and third. The winner of the week ten game between Perry and Newkirk finishes fourth.

But, that’s just a guess.

District 2A-6

None is technically in or out. Choteau and Adair are 1-3. Caney Valley is 0-4. They all have an outside chance at slipping into fourth, but it’s a long shot.

Metro Christian-4-0- Remaining Schedule: at Caney Valley, Nowata and at Choteau. They’ve likely wrapped up the district title. The schedule is in their favor, the only playoff contender left is Nowata at home.

Colcord-3-1- Remaining Schedule: at Salina, at Adair and Chelsea. This weeks Salina game could be for second place and a first-round game at home.

Salina-3-1- Remaining Schedule: Colcord, at Chelsea and Adair. See Colcord above. They are likely in the playoffs in some form.

Chelsea-2-2- Remaining Schedule: Adair, Salina and at Colcord. This remaining schedule is awfully tough. They also lost to Nowata and would be left out if they were tied for fourth.

Nowata-2-2- Remaining Schedule: Choteau, at Metro Christian and Caney Valley. The only contender still left to play Metro. The schedule and tiebreakers point their way.

What I think will happen

Metro is in and will likely win the district. This week’s Colcord-Salina winner is the favorite for second. The loser is likely third. Nowata will probably slide into fourth with the easier schedule.

District 2A-7

Tahlequah Sequoyah and Vian are officially out of playoff contention.

Eufaula-4-0- Remaining Schedule: Haskell, at Cascia Hall and Warner. They’ve looked good so far, but here come the big boys in week nine and ten.

Warner-4-0- Remaining Schedule: at Sequoyah, Victory Christian and at Eufaula. They have to be careful with Victory Christian. Any peek ahead at Eufaula could jump up and bite them.

Cascia Hall-3-1- Remaining Schedule: at Westville, Eufaula and at Sequoyah. Don’t worry about the Commandoes. They’ll be there in the end.

Haskell-2-2- Remaining Schedule: at Eufaula, Westville and at Victory Christian. They need to win the Westville game to have a shot and may need two wins to get in.

Westville-2-2- Remaining Schedule: Cascia Hall, at Haskell and Vian. A win at Haskell could seal a playoff spot. They also hold a tiebreaker advantage over Victory.

Victory Christian-1-3- Remaining Schedule: Vian, at Warner and Haskell. If they could upset Warner, they have a chance. One loss would knock them out.

What I think will happen

This is the one district that I think has the best chance of a three-way tie for first. Eufaula, Warner and Cascia are all likely in. The week nine Haskell-Westville winner will likely finish fourth.

District A-5

Panama-4-0- Remaining Schedule: at Keota, Kiefer and at Liberty. Any one win will get them into the playoffs.

Verdigris-3-1- Remaining Schedule: at Liberty, at Hulbert and Gore. The season finale against Gore is probably for second place.

Gore-3-1- Remaining Schedule: at Kiefer, Liberty and at Verdigris. One win will get them in. They’ll play for second at Verdigris.

Keota-2-2- Remaining Schedule: Panama, at Porter and Hulbert. They may have to win at Porter to get in.

Porter, Hulbert, Kiefer and Liberty-All 1-3- The only team with a legitimate possibility of getting into the playoffs is Porter.

What I think will happen

Panama has already beaten Verdigris and Gore. They’ll likely be first with the Verdigris-Gore winner taking second. I think the Porter-Keota winner in week nine will slip into fourth.

District A-7

Barnsdall and Davenport are officially out.

Luther-4-0- Remaining Schedule: Crescent, at Tonkawa and Hominy. One win gets them in.

Hominy-4-0- Remaining Schedule: at Davenport, Woodland and at Luther. One win gets them in. The winner of week ten Luther-Hominy game wins district.

Tonkawa-3-1- Remaining Schedule: at Woodland, Luther and Drumright. Probably only needs one win. If they beat Drumright or Woodland they’re locked in.

Woodland-3-1- Remaining Schedule: Tonkawa, at Hominy and Davenport. Same exact situation as Tonkawa. Needs to beat either Davenport or Tonkawa.

Drumright and Crescent-Each 1-3- Both need to run the table, but they play each other in week nine. Both are long shots.

What I think will happen

The Luther-Hominy winner will win district. The loser will take second. This weeks Tonkawa-Woodland game will likely take third. The loser will be fourth. There’s a slight chance all four could tie for first with 5-2 records.

District A-8

This is one of those enormously confusing nine team districts. Quapaw, Ketchum and Oklahoma Union are eliminated.

Wyandotte-4-0- Remaining Schedule: Kansas, Afton and Commerce. All three games are against contenders, but they’re all at home. One win and they’re in.

Picher-4-0- Remaining Schedule: at Quapaw, Ketchum and Kansas. They’re a shoo-in. Oddly, both Picher and Wyandotte could tie with undefeated records. I have no idea how this happened.

Kansas-4-1- Remaining Schedule: at Wyandotte, at Union and Picher. One win will get them in because they have tons of tiebreaker advantages.

Fairland-4-2- Remaining Schedule: at Afton and Commerce. They need to win both games or get one loss from either Afton or Commerce.

Commerce-3-3- Remaining Schedule: Fairland and at Wyandotte. Must win both games.

Afton-2-3- Remaining Schedule: Fairland, Wyandotte and at Union. Must win all three games.

What I think will happen

I think the top three teams will get into the playoffs. The winner of the week nine game between Commerce and Fairland will likely be the fourth place finisher.

District B-3
This is a seven-team district. Yale is in the playoffs for sure because they’ve already beaten the bottom three teams. Depew is out.

Foyil-3-0- Remaining Schedule: Copan, at Morrison and Prue. One win gets them in.

Morrison-3-0- Remaining Schedule: at Yale, Foyil and at Shidler. One win gets them in.

Prue-3-1- Remaining Schedule: Morrison and at Shidler. Needs a win or a Shidler loss and they’re in.

Shidler and Copan-Each 0-3- Both teams need to run the table and get some help to get in.

What I think will happen

I think the top four teams are in. Week nine will tell what seed everybody gets. Morrison and Foyil will battle for the top spot. Yale and Prue will play for third. Yale could move into second, but Prue will have a tougher time.

District B-4

Porum is out.

Weleetka-4-0- Remaining Schedule: at Bowlegs, Haileyville and Cave Springs. One win gets them in. Beating Haileyville will likely get them a district crown.

Haileyville-3-1- Remaining Schedule: Cave Springs, at Weleetka and at Bowlegs. One win gets them in. Winning all three gets them district.

Oaks-3-1- Remaining Schedule: at Okay, Sallisaw Central and at Porum. May need two wins to get in. A win against Sallisaw Central could do the trick.

Bowlegs-2-2- Remaining Schedule: Weleetka, Cave Springs and Haileyville. Likely needs two wins to get in.

Sallisaw Central-2-2- Remaining Schedule: Porum at Oaks and at Okay. Definitely needs two wins. One of them has to be over Oaks.

Cave Springs and Okay-Each 1-3- Both need to in all three remainders and have tough schedules.

What I think will happen

The winner of the Weleetka-Haileyville game should win district. The loser could finish third. Oaks can win out and finish second if Weleetka is undefeated. Bowlegs has the tiebreaker and the toughest schedule. Look for Sallisaw Central to finish fourth at 4-3.

District C-4

Midway is 5-0 and in the playoffs. South Coffeyville is 0-5 and out.

Welch-4-0- Remaining Schedule: at Watts, Webber Falls and at Midway. One win gets them in. The Midway game could be for district.

Watts-3-1- Remaining Schedule: Welch, So.Coffeyville and Webber Falls. A win over Welch gets them in for sure. Any other win likely gets them in.

Gans-2-3- Remaining Schedule: at So. Coffeyville and at Kinta. Two wins gets them a berth on tiebreakers.

Webber Falls-2-3- Remaining Schedule: at Welch and at Watts. That’s a tough twosome and they have to win them both to have a chance.

White Oak-2-4- Remaining Schedule: Kinta. They have a very slim chance.

Kinta-1-3- Remaining Schedule: at Midway, at White Oak and Gans. Three wins gives them a very good chance. Any loss eliminates them.

What I think will happen

Midway or Welch will win district, depending on who wins their game. Watts is likely in at second or third. Gans has the most favorable schedule and tiebreakers that should get them into fourth.

I hope you’re not too confused after all of his. We’ll know more and give everybody a look at who’s clinched pots for sure after this week’s games.

Enjoy your Thursday night.