What Your Cell Phone Says about You

Tuesday, October 10th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Whether your style is a little wild or all business, there's a cell phone for you. No longer purely functional, cell phones are now high fashion. A statement about who we are - or want to be.

"I think they are so much fun," says style wiz Christy Ferrer, creator of the Style Wiz website. "I mean they are almost like wearing a piece of jewelry."

And what we talk on - is who we are. Take a silver phone.

"I would think of somebody sleek who would want something metallic," Ferrer says. Or a baby blue phone for "someone who is fun and who has a sense of high style."

In fact, experts say younger users crave cell phones in fun colors.

"Young people are looking for many things when they buy a cell phone," says Mark Powell of Motorola. "They're looking for fashion, color, excitement, something new, that can connect them with their friends, maybe some messaging, maybe looking up the movie theatre time on the display."

At the other end of the spectrum - there's the business crowd.

"Business people look for a number of things in the phones they buy," Powell said. "They look for a conservative style, they look for the latest technology to integrate their business lives, e-mail, web-browsing capability and they look for a good price, too."

With so many phones to choose from, picking the right one can be overwhelming. Experts say it's best to consider style and substance. The right phone for you is one with a look you like with functions and features to suit your needs.