Holster that cell phone

Monday, July 17th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Those who fumble with their hand-held organizers, cell phones and pagers may be intrigued by the e-Holster, a harness that lets you wear your electronic devices. Under a jacket or sport coat, the e-Holster could be convenient for those who work on their feet a lot out of the office, such as at a trade show. Without the jacket, you might look like a TV detective wannabe.

The e-Holster Leather Professional model that I borrowed, which sells for $99.95, is well made and comes with two pouches. Before purchasing an e-Holster, you should measure your electronic devices and compare them with the dimensions of the pouches.

Even if this is not your idea of fashion, the e-Holster could be a funny gift for your favorite geek. Be warned, though: Even the manufacturer says it's not a good idea to wear the e-Holster in high-security areas, such as at airports. Authorities might mistake it for a weapons holster.

That seems prudent, but I'd go a step further. Wherever you are, make sure you pull out that PalmPilot nice and slow, fella.

For more information, call Personal Electronics Concealment LLC at 1-888-425-1034 or visit www.eholster.com