Tulsa area homebuilders turning to CS-Eye to stop thefts

Thursday, March 17th 2005, 11:22 am
By: News On 6

Theft is a constant problem for homebuilders and contractors. You name it, thieves will try to take it, lumber, tools, even appliances.

News on 6 anchor Craig Day some homebuilders are fed up and they are turning to a new, high-tech system designed locally to capture thieves on tape and hopefully in the act.

Thieves sneak their way onto a construction site and grab just about everything they can. The metal steps leading up the construction trailer, even the bushes intended for landscaping. Bart Morris with Capital Homes: "The recent theft we had, they were in and out in just a matter of minutes."

But now those same thieves may be caught through CSI, not the forensics stuff, but with CS-Eye, as in Construction Site Eye.

The system, designed by an Owasso company, includes several cameras and a sophisticated computer stored inside a steel shipping container.

The CS-EYE system is being used for the first time at a Capitol Homes neighborhood under construction on North Gilcrease Road. Kevin Dyson with DLSS Systems: "It's ranked as the number one concern among builders across the United States right now. There is so much theft."

The CS-Eye can handle up to 16 cameras, operating 24 hours each day. Wireless sensors are also used at the construction site. A typical construction site will have 30 to 40 sensors scattered around on things like stack of lumber, landscaping or in homes under construction. When those sensors are triggered, the builder and security personnel are notified. And of course the theft is captured by the cameras.

It's hoped the system will help prevent future theft at other construction sites. Bart Morris with Capitol Homes: "I think it's going to slow down. Once the word spreads to the bad guys, They'll pull through the addition and see these containers, set out. Security containers and they'll just turn around and leave the addition I think."

The CS-Eye system also is equipped with a GPS unit. So if someone with a large truck tries to steel the entire shipping container and equipment, it can be tracked down easily.