Tulsa Public Schools will start earlier this fall

Tuesday, February 22nd 2005, 6:34 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa Public School students will start the school year earlier next year. The school board approved changes to the calendar at a meeting Tuesday evening.

Parents and teachers said a start after Labor Day was not the best plan for students. News on 6 anchor Craig Day looks at the new calendar.

After concerns from parents, teachers and students, the TPS School Board approves an earlier start for the next school year. Several speakers before the board pushed for the changes. Teacher John Waldron: "Here we have to ask ourselves. Is a late start conducive to learning?"

Tulsa Public Schools will now begin classes for the 2005-2006 school year on Monday, August 22nd. That is two weeks before Labor Day. Students will get out of school on May 24th, depending on how many bad weather days the district uses.

The decision comes as a welcome compromise. Parent Robyn Sanzalone: "I'm happy with the fact that we begin the start up before Labor Day. I'm disappointed we didn't choose to end the semester prior to winter holiday break. I think students need a fresh start when they come back.”

Parent Laura Summers: "I'm pleased that they decided to start August 22nd. We actually were proponents of the August 15th start date, but it was a compromise. But I do feel like it's better for the students who start in August and end in late May."

The district did a random survey of parents, teachers and students. All three groups favored an August start date.

Another change to the calendar, Tulsa students will have five fewer days over the winter holiday, but students won't have to go to school on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.