Tulsa Barbecue burglary over the weekend

Saturday, February 5th 2005, 6:54 pm
By: News On 6

Albert G's has been serving up barbecue in Tulsa for 13 years. Like many restaurants they've had a few break-ins. But nothing like this has ever happened.

Chuck Gowey: “we've had someone break our windows out but nothing major no ones ever stole our food”

Albert G's owner Chuck Gowey thinks some thieves cut this loop, slipped off the lock then helped themselves to hundreds of pounds of meat.

"Ribs, brisket, pork, turkey hot links, sausage. They took potato salad we made just yesterday. They took mayonnaise, sauce, desserts..."

And this is all that's left.

Chuck Gowey: "They left the produce they left some potatoes they left some sauce but other than that its cleaned out."

Albert G's had enough barbecue supplies inside the restaurant to get them through the day. So they're still making Tulsans lick their fingers. But its still upsetting.

Chuck Gowey: “we'll be alright its frustrating and upsetting I mean you work hard to cook all this and anytime your business is broken into its upsetting so..."

Albert G's was already working on expanding. And the new addition will keep this from ever happening again... a walk-in cooler inside the building that's protected by the restaurant's security system.

Chuck Gowey wants to find out who's behind the barbecue burglary. And he's willing to pay a reward for information that leads to the thieves arrest.