Campaign foot-soldiers

Saturday, October 16th 2004, 7:03 pm
By: News On 6

These are the foot-soldiers of a political campaign.

Megan Kobeler, Dodd Volunteer: "I love this I love politics and I love getting involved in the process and I really believe in doug...dodd and I think this is a very winnable race."

At just 19, Megan Kobeler has been involved in politics for close to 9 years and she's walked the campaign trail in four states.
But Kobeler and her fellow volunteers will tell ya, sometimes it's not easy. Hunting for houses, fierce-sounding dogs, and you can knock on ten doors and not get to talk to anybody. But she says its all worth it.

Megan Kobeler: "ya know when you get that one thats a go-getter 'oh i'll support them and I'll put a sign out and I'll volunteer' it raises your spirits so much one out of ten is just wonderful."

Democratic challenger Doug Dodd is pretty much considered the under-dog in the race for Congress. His volunteers are trying to rally the democratic base and increase his name recognition. Incumbent John Sullivan's volunteers are taking a slightly different approach. They're targeting a relatively small number of independent voters to try to bolster his lead. Both candidates say these volunteers are crucial."

Elaine Zeighami: "I think the face to face people to people approach is very important and that's part of why I'm here"

Elaine Zeighami is new to knocking on doors. But she thinks her down to earth approach will resonate with voters.

Elaine Zeighami: "I'm just going to be sincere and tell them that I beleive its important to support people who believe in America and fight for America and I think John Sullivan is one of those people."

It's that kind of passion that gets these volunteers to the next row of houses.

Now is crunch time for the campaigns and they're really relying on their volunteers in the final weeks leading up to the election. Both Sullivan and Dodd supporters will be out in droves again next week targeting thousands of homes for more campaign pamphlets.