Green Country Mom Supports The Troops, Not The President

Friday, February 16th 2007, 8:16 pm
By: News On 6

The House has issued a symbolic rejection of President Bush's Iraq war strategy. On Friday it approved a nonbinding measure opposing a troop buildup. At least one Green Country mom agrees with the House. She calls herself a supporter of President Bush, but she believes his policy is wrong. News on 6 reporter Ashli Sims went to Coweta to talk to this military family about their sacrifice.

Military parents have a tough burden to bear, and no one knows that better than Janet and Lawrence Wybrant. Their son, Dustin, is on his third tour of duty in Iraq in just four years.

“He said if you knew what I went through every day you wouldn’t even sleep at night,” Janet Wybrant said.

The News on 6 first met the Wybrants in 2003, when the war was just beginning. They say a lot has changed since then, Dustin is now married and a father.

“For us it’s getting tiresome, for him I think it’s probably worse because he has the child that's six months old,” said Lawrence Wybrant.

The Wybrant family is military through and through, Dustin is the fourth generation to wear the uniform. But after so many sleepless nights, Dustin’s mother now says she still supports the troops, but she can no longer support the President's policy.

"Dustin, I'm proud of what he's doing, and I'm proud of all the troops and we support them all,” said the Blue Star Mom. “But I think it's time for the President to change his view, and that's from people who like him."

Janet believes Iraq is in a Civil War and our troops should not be in the middle. Lawrence takes a slightly different view, but he also wants to see his son and the rest of the soldiers come home soon.

“If you're gonna do it lets put enough people over there and get it over with and then leave," he said.

Both say Iraq is getting more and more dangerous. They're hoping their son will make it out of this tour like he did the previous two, safe and sound.

Dustin Wybrant is a helicopter mechanic with the 1st Cavalry, his third tour of duty should last about a year and he should be home by November.