Couple Looks For Answers After Tulsa Consignment Store Closes

Monday, November 6th 2006, 4:30 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa couple hopes you can help them solve a mystery that's cost them thousands of dollars. The couple says they were ripped off by a furniture consignment store.

News on 6 anchor Jennifer Loren says they fear there are more victims like themselves in the Tulsa area.

Jeff and Robin Smith are mad, "It feels like the first time in our lives that I think we've been ripped off and it does not feel good. It’s not a good feeling."

In September they left a solid oak dining set at Consignment Furniture at 41st and Garnett in Tulsa. They hoped to get some of the $2,000 they had paid for it back. "Well the table itself was in pristine condition. There wasn't a scratch on it," said Smith.

A month later, Robin said she hadn't heard from anyone at the store, so she went to check on the table. But the store was empty, the doors were locked and a sign on the door said closed as of 10/31. No one had contacted them. "Alexander Graham invented a wonderful machine called the telephone. There's e-mail. There's going out of business signs. A little sign that big ain’t going to cut it," Smith said.

A business owner across the parking lot says they did have signs on their windows warning people that they were going to be closing. "They had pickups U-Hauls, whatever, but they had lots of people coming over and picking up their merchandise," said Georgia Lee of Georgia Lee Consignments

So did the Smith's fall through the cracks? They say any way you look at it they were ripped off. "Surely a business knows within 30 days they have financial problems. So he knew when he looked us right in the eye, when he took that table from us, that he was going to walk off with it."

The Smiths say they have made numerous attempts to contact the store, but have not gotten in touch with the owner. If you know the whereabouts of the store's owners or if you're also a victim of Consignment Furniture you can call Tulsa Police and file a report.