Big Dog Show At Tulsa's Expo Square

Friday, November 3rd 2006, 10:06 am
By: News On 6

Cats have evacuated the area around the Tulsa County Fairgrounds on Friday. The place has gone to the dogs. It's the Tulsa Area Cluster of Dog Shows.

As News on 6 reporter Rick Wells explains hundreds of dogs are prancing and preening for the honor of being called the best. Take Mary Green of Tulsa and her Border Collie Lucy, they are competing in the Best of Breed category with other Border Collies and did pretty well. "So the best of breed was a boy so they have to pick the best of the opposite sex which was our girl today." Think that means she was second.

Lots of students were circulating around Expo Square as well on Friday. Ashley Osborn is one of nearly 300 Jenks 8th graders interviewing dog experts, in this case David Wether from Kansas City.

There so much going on here all at once, so if you're not dog show savvy it's kind of overwhelming. Lori Finlayson: "These are the beauty contestants. This is the Miss America pageant and those are the athletes." Lori Finlayson's trying to simplify it for me. The athletes are the agility dogs like Bounder, through a specific course for speed and accuracy.

Janet Dreiling: "At this level, which is the most advanced level you can't have any errors."

There are 2,600 dogs from all over the country entered in the show. The show also included a beauty shop of sorts, lots of brushing and blow-drying.

The show runs all weekend at Tulsa’s Expo Square and it is free to the public.