Tulsa Purse Snatching Suspects Caught

Wednesday, September 20th 2006, 2:33 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa citizens fight back after a purse snatching and because they jumped into action, Tulsa Police caught both suspects.

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright says it happened during a lunch hour when three women were eating lunch together. One lady had her purse on the floor next to her feet when someone snatched it and took off running. The victim, her friend and even total strangers took off in hot pursuit.

Jan and Michelle are still talking about their Monday experience, when a quiet lunch with co-workers, turned into a wild chase through Tulsa city streets. A woman grabbed Jan's purse and bolted; Jan jumped up and gave chase. “Oh my God, I actually have cash in it this time. I can't let them get that, just took off running."

Jan wasn't the only one running. Michelle also gave chase, restaurant employees called 911, total strangers, even neighbors, all got in on the action. "Screaming, she took her purse, her purse, stop her and a gentleman in a truck stopped and said what's happened. I said, he got my purse and gave him a description and he took off running, I mean, driving off to find 'em."

Jan, in a dress and heels, fell after she rounded a corner. She still has scrapes on her hands and knees, but Michelle kept right on going. "I didn't see her fall. I was in heels and lagging behind, then I took them off. I said, where's Jan and they said she fell, then I took on off after the girl."

The woman suspect handed off the purse to man and they split up. Citizens kept chasing and Tulsa Police say because of that effort, they were able to find and arrest 19 year old Allison Parker and 21 year old DeAngelo Grant [top picture].

Jan got her purse back with everything still inside. "I'd just really like to say thank you to everybody who helped. You didn't have to, but, you did and I really appreciate it so much." Jan says it wasn't until after she got back to work that the whole thing sunk in and she got a little shaky.

When the News on 6 told Jan, that Tulsa Police found a concealed weapon on the man and ammunition in his pocket, they were really glad they didn't know that at the time.