Your license plate sticker is a popular item for thieves

Wednesday, February 15th 2006, 10:24 am
By: News On 6

Here's another way that thieves want to take your money. They're stealing tag registration stickers. The story from News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan.

Most people don't even know their registration sticker on their vehicle’s license plate may be missing until they're pulled over by the police. The little green 2006 stickers look like money to thieves, who are stealing them so they can put them on their own tags. Not that it's hard to do - they're stickers and they peel off without much trouble.

Zenovia Elliot with the Northside Tag Agency: "There's not really anything you can do to protect yourselfif somone wants to get it, they're going to get it. Just be prepared to replace it.”

At the Northside Tag Agency, the clerks see it all the time. Customers come in to get a new drivers license, or maybe a new tag, they pay the registration fee, only to have the sticker stolen.

It can be replaced, but it's more hassle and it costs $11.

There's no way to protect the sticker completely, but some people use razors to cut slashes across it. That way it's almost impossible to remove it in a way that it could ever be re-used.

Tag agents say it's not a good idea for people to just stick a new registration sticker over the old one.

Next year, the stickers change to blue, but they're just as valuable and just as easy to steal.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission doesn't have stats on how many are stolen each year, but we checked with several tag agents who say it's a common problem.