Oklahoma Aquarium's 9 year old honorary marine biologist

Friday, November 4th 2005, 10:08 am
By: News On 6

The Oklahoma Aquarium has another first; the Jenks facility now has its first honorary biologist.

His name is Nate Newman and News on 6 reporter Rick Wells talks with the new honoree.

A group of blue-clad people coming down the hall at Jenks Southeast Elementary school are from the Oklahoma Aquarium and they are heading into Margaret Jones' 4th grade class to make a special presentation to a young man.

Susan Bramsch with the Oklahoma Aquarium: "Nate Newman has been named our first honorary biologist." It's part of the Aquarium's Conservation through education program.

She says Nate is the perfect first honoree, he comes to the Aquarium often, and he particularly likes the Bat Rays as opposed to the cow nosed or southern ray. Nate knows the difference. Susan Bramsch: "He has a notebook that he carries "and he takes notes about what the fish are doing, what the animals are doing things in the tank."

I think Nate's into it, for example on one of his visits, staff members were telling him about bubble algae. So Nate decided it was time for research. “I decided to look it up on the Internet." His dad, Joe Newman, asked what he was doing. "He said I'm gonna fix the bubble problem at the Aquarium, I said." Nate told me he found about the Emerald Crab. “When I looked up Emerald Crab I found out it eats bubble algae, so I printed off some pages and gave it to the Aquarium."

They rewarded his diligent research, by making him the first honorary biologist.

Did I tell you, he is 9 years old? Well his birthday's Saturday, so he's almost 10.

The Aquarium had been looking for someone to be the first Honorary Biologist for about a year. They said they're delighted it's Nate.