Jurors Hear Testimony In Christopher Barnett Trial

Tuesday, March 3rd 2020, 7:58 pm

Tulsa County jurors on Monday heard testimony from the process server Christopher Barnett is charged with the shooting.

Prosecutors told the jury in opening statements they have an abundance of evidence in this case, that they said overwhelming proves Christopher Barnett's guilt. Meanwhile, Barnett's defense attorney maintains this is a self-defense case.

The jury was shown surveillance video from the scene at Christopher Barnett's home. The jury could hear the process server, Ian Napier, say he's looking for Christopher.

In the video, it can be heard that someone is telling the process server to "get off the property" multiple times. Napier testified he walked away from the front door and said, "I'll wait for you out here," pointing to his car, then he was shot.

Prosecutors also said the video shows that the process server never pulled out his own weapon or acted in a threatening way.

Defense attorneys argue Barnett had a reason to be alarmed the night Napier showed up because they say Barnett could be considered a public figure because he ran for governor in 2018.

Defense attorneys argued Barnett and his husband, George, received death threats during the campaign.

Napier testified he heard someone say through the door "you'll be dead." Barnett’s husband, who also testified, said he did not believe Chris made a threat.

Christopher Barnett faces one charge of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Barnett's defense attorney and the DA declined interviews Tuesday. The court will start back up again Wednesday morning.

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