Tulsa Mother Searching For Answers After Her 12-Year-Old Daughter Is Struck By Vehicle

Sunday, February 9th 2020, 9:53 pm

A mother is pleading for answers after a car hit her 12-year old daughter and took off Saturday night. 

The hit-and-run happened at the intersection of 11th and Yale.
Ellie Cash is out of the hospital now. She had a separated shoulder, broken toes and road rash.
The accident took place during Ellie's 12th birthday party at Tally's.
Ellie's mother, Lindsey, said Ellie and her best friend were crossing 11th St. when a white four-door vehicle sped down the road.
"When you see your 12-year-old child fly over the hood of a car, it was the most horrifying thing you could imagine," Cash said.
Tulsa police told Cash the driver was going 45 to 50 miles per hour and was caught on camera running a red light.
Officers also said the car was going so fast, they weren't able to identify the make or model.
Lindsey said several people witnessed it, as well.
Ellie was gearing up for the finals in her school's archery program. Her family said she likely won't be able to compete in the finals or in the statewide competition. 
"That's disappointing for her, and us, because she's done a really really good job this year and she's been practicing and looking forward to it," Cash said.
Now, Ellie is trying to heal, and her family is trying to figure out who did this to her.
"Hopefully someone will come forward and know that it's not okay to hit not only anybody, but a child, and drive off," Cash said. "What if the situation had been worse, and she hadn't have made it, and the person just drove off?"
The only description of the car available is a white, four-door vehicle. If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers or Tulsa police.
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