Some Turley Residents Upset Over Lack Of Bus Service

Monday, February 24th 2020, 6:38 pm

Rain or shine, hot or cold, Turley resident, Mike Sovocool, travels in his wheelchair to the nearest bus stop to ride the bus.

“I got the doctor once a week, so I have to go into town. We are really, really dependent on the bus system to get in just for my medical needs,” Sovocool told News on 6.  

Sovocool says he's frustrated with the changes Tulsa Transit made to the bus service in Turley after launching its new Aero route. Residents were told back in October their only bus stop would be moved further south.

Sovocool says he has to travel over a mile from his home to this bus stop and sometimes he has to wait over an hour for a bus to arrive. He says residents have even been told the bus route near the main grocery store will move a mile further away to 56th Street. He says since Tulsa transit changed their bus routes, they've forgotten about the residents here.

“They don’t care about us. They throw us some scraps every now and then and unfortunately for Turley residents, it's making it hard to get into tow,” Said Sovocool.

Tulsa Transit General Manager Ted Rieck says they are trying to find a solution but the issue is funding. They hope the county steps in to help.

"We are trying to find solutions do we want to extend the area, do we want to find a  dedicated shuttle, we are looking at those options, they all have costs associated with them we are hoping the county will help fund those ideas," Rieck told News on 6.

Commissioner Stan Sallee says Tulsa Transit never included them in the route plans.

“My biggest frustration of the lack of concern for the North Tulsa area. We need to be taking care of those who need it the most, and if Tulsa county is asked to support that, we need to have involvement from the front end of this,” Sallee said.

Sallee said other suburbs have also had their service reduced. Sovocool fears he'll have to move.

“I need to get to the doctors, I need my medicine, and it will just be impossible with the bus going down that far," Sovocool explained.

Tulsa transit says they have until March 31st to come up with a solution for Turley.

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