The Parts of a Plane and What They Do

Saturday, March 7th 2020, 3:04 am
By: News On 6

Plane Parts

Did you know that the average plan has more than six million parts?

Airplanes a remarkable feat of engineering. With the average plane weighing more than 100,000 pounds, it takes all of the parts of a plane to work cohesively together to ensure the plane flies without error.

If you’re interested in learning more about the parts of a plane, we’ve created a quick guide to help you get a basic understanding of what makes a plan fly. Keep reading to learn more!

The Engine

The engine is the power source of the plane. The purpose of the engine is to generate enough for us to lift a Plane off of the ground and into the air. The engine is also responsible for developing electric power and hydraulic power that allows the plane to continue operating while in the sky.

The Airfoil

The airfoil is a shaped surface on the plane. A propeller on a plane, the airplane tail, or even airplane wings are airfoils that produce drag and lift as the plane is moving through the air.


Slats are the very front portion of the wing. Slats can be adjusted, which allows the pilot of the plane to correct the lift level of the plane.

The Fuselage

A fuselage is where cargo or humans can be located. This part of the plane doesn’t help the plane get off the ground or continue to suspend an errand. The only purpose of this part of the plane is to hold any cargo that is transporting or humans.

The fuselage also contains the cockpit, which is where you can find the co-pilot and the pilot sitting to control the plane.


The rudder is the part of the plane that is responsible for controlling the yaw motion of the plane. Yaw motion is the side to side movement located at the front part of the aircraft.

Landing Gear

An airplane isn’t safe to fly if it doesn’t have any landing gear. The landing gear is essential for an airplane to be able to land, but also helps the plane to be able to be taken off and be placed on a taxi.

The wheels and the shock absorbers are the most essential parts of a plane’s landing gear.


The empennage is commonly referred to as the tail section of the plane. This part of the plane has the horizontal stabilizer and the vertical stabilizer.

Understanding the Parts of a Plane

By having a solid understanding of the different parts of a plane, you can have a basic idea of what it takes for a plane to get off of the ground to fly! Planes are an amazing invention and allow millions of people to travel across the world every year.

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