Oklahoma Couple Gets Married Despite Coronavirus (COVID-19) Concerns

Monday, April 27th 2020, 11:08 am
By: Craig Day


It's not the wedding Alison Acee had in mind when she started planning her big day last September.

"We were going get married at Spain Ranch, we had catering, everything," said Alison.

But on March 19, with the COVID-19 emergency ramping up, Alison and her fiancé, Matthew, decided to call off their dream ceremony.

"We ended up cancelling around 3:00am just because all of my family members and everyone was so concerned. So, no one was going to show up," Alison said.

Stuck at home, with their marriage license set to expire this month, the couple decided to improvise, moving the wedding to their backyard.

"We did the ceremony exactly as we had written out, we did our vows, exchanged rings," said Alison.

In front of just 6 people, Alison and Matthew got married on April 4th.

"It meant a lot even though it was just in my backyard and we just bought that house together this year; so, it was special," Alison said. "Our first house, and we got married in it." 

And after the ceremony, the newlyweds got an unforgettable surprise.          

"My family ended up showing up outside of our house right after we got married with signs and honking their horns to like celebrate with us really quick," said Alison.

And with much of world being kept apart, Alison and Matthew are ready to start their new life together.

"We just got through it together. I honestly think we're stronger for it," Alison said.