Oklahoma Forestry Service Helps Get PPE To Frontline Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Wednesday, May 13th 2020, 5:11 am
By: Amy Avery


Usually around this time of year Oklahoma Forestry Service is wrapping up their wildfire season, but this year they’re helping to fight a different kind of natural disaster.

The Forestry Service is playing a vital role in helping get Personal Protective equipment out to those on the front lines. 

The Oklahoma Forestry Service said they’re a support agency for the state department of Health to help with the pandemic. 

Since March 23rd, firefighters have been picking up and dropping off equipment and donations at nursing homes, hospitals, and various other places throughout the state. 

Firefighters said they’re used to putting their lives on lines to fight natural disasters, but COVID-19 is an unforeseen enemy that poses a threat to them like never before. 

Mark Goeller with Oklahoma Forestry Service said “it’s something that we have to be prepared for the same way: wearing masks, PPE, using hand sanitizer and getting our temperature taken everywhere we go. It’s a different feeling, but we still know that there’s a threat and a danger that is ever present to our firefighters everywhere they go.”

Firefighters said they’re thankful to be able to do this meaningful work for the state.