FDA Accuses Oklahoma Company Of Selling Fake COVID-19 Treatment

Friday, May 15th 2020, 8:29 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

The FDA accused an Oklahoma company of selling fake treatments for COVID-19.

An injunction was filed in the Eastern District of Oklahoma.

In it, the FDA is requiring the Atoka based company to immediately stop selling and marketing colloidal silver as a treatment for COVID-19 and other ailments.

Court documents say the company called Xephyr LLC, and doing business as N-Ergetics, has been marketing the silver online as a drug.

Their website claimed the product could treat not only the coronavirus, but also pneumonia, AIDS and cancer.

But the government said colloidal silver is a suspension of silver particles in a liquid, and it is not generally recognized as safe and effective for any of the uses marketed on the website.

The FDA warned the company in March it was violating federal law and to remove the product's claims from their website, but when the government checked again in late April, they were still on there.

Now, the website said, "Due to the FDA and the DOJ's requests, the site has been removed".

They're also offering refunds to those who bought it.

The federal government has been cracking down on this type of activity in recent months.

"This kind of disaster brings out the best in us,” said Brian Kuester, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Oklahoma. “People are out there helping their neighbors, they're doing all that they can to make a really bad situation a little bit better, but yet there are those out there who are only out for themselves to make a buck."

We reached out Xephyr for a comment and are waiting to hear back.

A preliminary injunction hearing in this case is set for next Thursday in Muskogee.