No Children Harmed After Sleepy Driver Slams Into Tahlequah School Bus

Tuesday, January 14th 2020, 10:09 am
By: Emory Bryan

A Tulsa driver was ticketed for falling asleep at the wheel and causing a school bus crash in Tahlequah.

The crash happened as the bus was on the way to school Tuesday morning, but it was the end of an overnight shift for the driver who caused wreck - she told police she fell asleep at the wheel.

The crash involved two cars and the bus, which was hit right in the front. It and the car that started it both have substantial damage. Another car has less damage, and no one was hurt.

The bus was a handicapped accessible model from Tahlequah Public School on the way to the middle and high school campus.

It was stopped at an intersection with Downing Street, on the east side of town, when one car hit the other - and then hit the bus.

"Turned out to be a special needs bus. There were six special needs children who were not injured in the accident, along with a monitor on the bus and the driver," said Detective Bryan Swim, Tahlequah Police.

The children, all teenagers, were taken to a hospital to be checked out, but they're OK. The driver who caused the wreck got a ticket.

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