Tulsa Police: Teens, Young Adults Causing Issues At Protests

Wednesday, June 3rd 2020, 9:04 am
By: Joseph Holloway


Tulsa Police said it is noticing a trend when it comes to who is being arrested during the protests over the last few days.

Tulsa Police said they've found most of the people causing problems have been teenagers or young adults.

One example is 18-year-old Richard Berumen, who is in the Tulsa County Jail.

TPD released video showing him breaking into a GNC store.

Police said he also threw rocks at officers and tossed a shopping cart into the window at AutoZone.

Tulsa Police posted photos of two other young men who were arrested for causing problems.

The department is now asking parents to check-in with their children if they choose to attend a protest and make sure they are being safe.