Coffee Bunker, Salvation Army Giving Out Donuts On National Donut Day

Friday, June 5th 2020, 8:16 am
By: Brooke Griffin


Friday morning the Salvation Army is making sure frontline workers get to celebrate National Donut Day with a free donut. 

This is the tenth year in a row the organization has teamed up with Merritt's Bakery. 

First responders, veterans, and reservists are all welcome here at the Coffee Bunker to grab a free donut and coffee!

The Coffee Bunker will be open from 7-9:30 for frontline workers to grab a free donut as a thank you for your service from the Salvation Army.

One pretty interesting fact about their operation here on National Donut Day is that they have a long history of serving donuts to service members that goes all the way back to World War I when volunteers, called donut lassies, would help hand out free donuts to those serving their country, and the Salvation Army is still carrying out that tradition today. 

This is on a first come first serve basis, so if you’re a frontline worker looking for a little morning sugar rush, the coffee bunker