Mounds Police Chief Trying To Create Better Relationship Between Officers, Public

Friday, June 26th 2020, 9:46 pm
By: Cal Day

MOUNDS, Okla. -

When Mark Deckard’s daughter was pulled over for speeding, she did not receive a ticket. Instead, her father said she got a life lesson.

Deckard received a call from Mounds police officer Kolton Peterson in the middle of the night to let him know his daughter was speeding.

“She was upset but I told her everything was going to be OK,” said Peterson. “Nothing bad is going to happen from this.”

Deckard said he is grateful for the call.

“This stop was educational for my daughter,” said Deckard.

Officer Peterson’s idea to call Deckard is the community police culture Mounds police chief Antonio Porter is trying to create.

“Our job here is not so much to write every ticket that you can,” said Porter. “I’m about building relationships with the community and the people coming through the town.”

“That’s what makes small town Oklahoma so great,” said Deckard.