Woman Arrested After Man Attacked With Knife, Tulsa Police Say

Monday, July 6th 2020, 3:40 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter


Tulsa Police say a woman tricked a man into opening his apartment door and then attacked him with a knife.

Tulsa Police say neighbors heard someone yelling for help, so they went to see what was going on and found Mona Parmar attacking a man with a knife.

"He opened the door and saw our suspect on top of our victim at this point trying to gouge his eyes,” says Officer Danny Bean with Tulsa Police.

Police say the neighbor jumped in to help. They say he grabbed Parmar's wrists and held her down until officers got there.

"They get there and find our victim sitting on a chair outside of his apartment door with blood on his face and on his hands,” says Bean.

Police say Parmar doesn't live at the apartment, and they don’t know exactly how she got inside.

Officers say witness told them Parmar knocked on the victim's door, pretending to be an employee of the complex, claiming the victim's car was going to be towed.

"When he opens the door she kind of just bull rushes in there and starts to attack him,” says Bean.

Officer Danny Bean says it looks like a random attack, and they don’t have a motive. 

He says the never want to encourage someone to try to break up a fight like this, but says in this case it likely saved the mans life.

"Whatever you think is going to keep you safe, of course do,” says Bean. “We are never going to say, jump into a knife fight, or any sort or encourage it, do what's right. This was his decision, to get involved and it was a great one, they did a good job."

Police say the victim is expected to be OK.

Parmar was arrested for first degree burglary and assault with a deadly weapon but has bonded out of jail.