Hillcrest Hospital Reports Surge Of Trauma Victims Due To Fireworks

Monday, July 6th 2020, 6:22 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

TULSA, Okla. -

One area hospital said they saw many trauma victims over the Fourth of July weekend because of injuries from fireworks. 

“We had about probably 30 calls Saturday night and then I think they saw about 20 outpatient burns yesterday," said Amy Roller, Clinical Educator for Hillcrest Medical Center Emergency Department.

Roller said this holiday weekend they saw more smoke bomb related burns. 

“Apparently there was a lot of malfunctioning smoke bombs," said Roller. She said some victims had second and third degree burns from exploding smoke bombs. She said they also saw children with burns from firecrackers. 

“It’s usually hands and it’s usually kids that you know just kind of went out and light the firecrackers on their own without adult supervision," said Roller.

She said burns from fireworks aren't the only trauma calls they see during the summer. She said they also see boat related injuries too. 

“A lot of people are going to the lake, getting in swimming pools, that kind of thing, so we probably will unfortunately see more injuries like that. Water injuries and stuff like that," said Roller. 

Roller said as the summer goes on, they're prepared if there is an increase in trauma injuries. 

“We have really good staffing so we’re just staffing like anything can happen, just like you would for an emergency department anyway. You’ve got to expect anything at any time you’ve got to be prepared," said Roller. 

Roller said all the burn injuries from the holiday weekend were outpatient and no one had to stay at the burn center.